Nigiri Sushi Mould 52g 

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A 2-part plastic nigiri sushi mould for making perfect nigiri sushi every time. Easy to follow picture instructions on reverse of packet. This mould creates 5 nigiri sushi pieces.


Nigiri sushi is a style of sushi where a topping is placed on top of an oblong of rice. Nigiri sushi means “hand-moulded sushi” in Japanese. Popular toppings for nigiri sushi are salmon, tuna and sweet egg.

How To Use

Become a sushi master with this easy to use mould!
• Carefully dampen the mould before use to prevent the rice from sticking.
• Evenly fill the container with rice.
• Press the lid down evenly and firmly.
• Gently tip the nigiri out.
• Add your toppings and enjoy!

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