CNB Black Porcelain Soy Sauce Dispenser Set 295g 



Online Exclusive!

Don’t let an ugly soy sauce bottle spoil the look of your perfectly laid table when you can use this traditional black porcelain soy sauce dispenser set instead! Consisting of a sleek dispenser and saucer to catch any drips, this soy sauce dispenser can hold up to 180ml of soy sauce or other dressings. A simply designed, yet beautiful addition to any kitchen table.


A Japanese dining experience wouldn’t be complete without the right tableware to go with your delicious Japanese culinary masterpieces. Ceramic & porcelain dishes, lacquered bowls and bamboo chopsticks are just a few examples of the enormous range of Japanese tableware available to buy at Japan Centre Online.

ITEM ID:#4143
  • Item Detail

    • Manufacturer: CNB
    • Size: 295 g

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