Clear & Cloudy Sake Set 610g 



Online Exclusive!

These two bottles of Japanese sake come wrapped in a delicate blue & green furoshiki cloth that makes it both a handsome and exquisite gift set.

The set contains one bottle of unfiltered cloudy nigori sake and one bottle of crystal clear pure chozo from the Japanese sake giant, Gekkeikan. The contrast of the cloudy and clear aesthetic is matched by the full bodied and sweet flavour of the nigori sake against the lightness and dryness of the chozo. A gift that suits every sake palate! Beautifully wrapped in a reusable double sided traditional wrapping cloth measuring 58cm x 58cm, this would make for a lovely looking present. 10% & 14% alcohol.

This set’s a distinctly Japanese way to get into the festive spirit this Christmas!

Set includes:

1x Gekkeikan Nigori Sake (300ml)
1x Gekkeikan Nama Chozo (300ml)
1x Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

ITEM ID:#3636

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