CJ CheilJedang Korean Chilli Paste (Haechandle Taeyangcho Gochujang) 500g 



Love spice? Looking for a new way to add a bit of fire to your food? This is for you! A jumbo tub of Korean gochujang chilli paste in a fridge-friendly plastic tub. This gochujang is made with sundried chillis for a richer flavour and contains no artificial preservatives.


Gochujang chilli paste is used in many Korean dishes to add that distinctive spicy, sweet flavour. Traditionally it is made from fermented chilli peppers, rice flour and soybean paste, like a very, very spicy miso!

How To Use

Check out our tasty recipe for spicy pork donburi with chilli paste.
• Mix chilli paste, rice wine vinegar and sugar to create a spicy bibimbap sauce.
• For a tangy bulgogi marinade combine chilli paste with garlic, soy sauce, honey and sugar.

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