Azuma Foods Organic Natto (Yuuki Natto) *Consume within 1-3 days 135g, 3 pack  

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A uniquely Japanese traditional food made from fermented certified organic soy beans, commonly eaten at breakfast time or lunch. Each of the three packets comes with a sachet of natto sauce and also optional mustard if you like a kick! Try it if you dare! 45g x 3 packs.

This item was originally frozen and will become chilled during delivery. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or our recommended use by date. Store in the fridge and do not refreeze. This item will be sent with cool gel in a poly box using Before Noon Delivery option (2-5 working days). UK mainland only.


Natto could definitely be described as an acquired taste and is often either loved or hated. It has a pungent smell and strong flavour. Natto is said to have many health benefits thanks to its high protein and vitamin content. It contains pyrazine which is great for the blood, preventing blood clots, heart attacks and even strokes. Studies has also proven that Natto is good for the skin, bones and has anti-cancer properties.

How To Use

Natto is best served over a warm bowl of Japanese rice with the included sauces and green onions or by itself.

ITEM ID:#4802
  • Item Detail

    • Manufacturer: Azuma Foods
    • Size: 135 g
    • Soy Beans: Yes
    • Fish & Shellfish: Yes
    • Wheat: Yes
    • Soy Sauce: Yes
  • Nutrition

    Per Pack 45g (Totals in Brackets include Mustard and Sauce):
    Energy: 87kcal (93kcal)
    Protein: 7.7g (7.9g)
    Fat: 3.8g (3.9g)
    Carbohydrates: 5.4g (6.6g)
    Sodium: 1mg (212mg)

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